Wedding lehenga: Get ready for a special day

Wedding lehenga: Get ready for a special dayThere is nothing like the wedding of the girl. In the Indian subcontinent, is celebrated with great pomp and show. Each requires special clothing. So clothing is definitely an integral part of this opportunity. Costumes special course honeymoon because each eye will be glued to it. To this end bridal lehenga is as perfect equipment as an interesting vision of the bride.

It is specially designed for the collection. The designer uses the design of innovative techniques to make them an impressive collection and designer. With the dramatic changes in fashion trends, design patterns also changed in the textile industry. As with fashion trends. It is the wish of every girl looks great on your special day. Keep this in mind, the designers present their collections in attractive colors and designs.

Wedding lehenga: Get ready for a special dayColor plays an important role in the demonstration occasion party. According to tradition, the color red as traditional for the bride. It is considered the color of love, red-clad bride and her love for her future husband.

The designers of bridal lehenga red in different color combinations. They use a combination of striking colors Looks impressive offers for the carrier. Drastic changes in fashion trends have changed the preferences of the user. Today, the bride is the color that is unconventional display only on a special day. Designers also for its collections in a palette of exclusive colors to customer requirements.

Wedding lehenga: Get ready for a special dayEmbroidery is an integral part of bridal lehenga. This is actually the project of works of art made by hand. Here, designers use decorative items such as beads, sequins and stones. The decorative elements of different attractive designs along different parts of the hand-woven.

Designers with the integration of color combinations and designs play an important role in offering fantastic designs. These models and standards contribute much to enhance the charm of the collection.

The lehenga bride in a variety of fabric options. The most popular types of substances that are used on a large scale in this side. This is a very comfortable fabric and maximum comfort for the wearer. The main feature of this compound is that it was also embroidered with a better way.

Tips for buying makeup brushes

Tips for buying makeup brushesIt is the dream of every woman to look beautiful. Unfortunately, many women do not know how to buy the right makeup brushes. Here is a guide on how to buy the necessary makeup brushes:

Foundation Brush

You must use to apply on the basis of the entire face. You can also use it to products such as moisturizer and apply marker.


This small brush that comes with a flat head made of synthetic hair. It is generally under a foundation brush. You must use to have a small area, who face focused by applying creams. When you consider the one that slips easily into the grooves to purchase under the purchase eyes. This is so that you can easily hide dark circles under the eyes.

Tips for buying makeup brushesFluffy Brush

There are two types of soft brush, please contact: large and small. A large soft brush is ideal when creating your makeup with powder. Also ideal for brush products falls on his face. A small brush, however, is ideal for powder on the cheeks. You can also use it to set the brush on your eyes for makeup.

Eye brushes

There are many brushes for the eyes as you go. One of the most common is a small angled brush that comes with synthetic hair, you can use your eyes with a layer of powder or liquid formulations. You can also use to shape eyebrows.

There are also eye shadow brush, which has a natural hair flat head. It is ideal for decorating the cover color. You can also visit a soft brush eye shadow that comes with a round head. It is ideal for remote blend hard edges on the eye shadow, if you need to soften the color in the crease.

Tips for buying makeup brushesAs you can see, you have many options to go with it. All you have to do is what is good for you to choose.

Brush Lib

This will help you to apply lipstick. For color equalization you should buy a brush with a flat head lib instead of spikes. If you like it after the line of his lips, lipstick, use a lip brush cutting.


Here are some tips on buying the necessary makeup brushes. If you buy, always buy those who shed show signals. You should also make sure that you buy from a reputable store.

Tips on how to save your makeup brushes

Tips on how to save your makeup brushesCostly brushes; Therefore, you must take care of both. To help, here are some ways you need to save:

  • Roll-Up Storage Bag

Brush Buyer, you are likely to buy a bag roll-up. You must use this bag for storage. If you do not buy bags, you should consider purchasing a bag-supply stores, pharmacies and cosmetics stores. Stay organized, you should go for a wheeled bag with separate compartments.

  • Tips on how to save your makeup brushesPlastic bottle or glass

A drink in your home? You need to keep your glasses makeup brushes. In order to be able to easily solve the brush of the size and function of the need for support.

  • Plastic bags

If you want to buy cosmetics, you are probably high-quality plastic bags. You do not burn or this bag you should pack your brushes in your bag and keep removed in a good place. This bag is very important if you travel.

  • Tips on how to save your makeup brushesPurse

Do you have a bag that you do not use often? You need your makeup brushes to keep here. Before saving the brush, make sure that the own portfolio. You should also consider the brush not infected.

  • Tips To Consider

When the brush storage, make sure you keep away from direct sunlight. Always keep in mind that natural and synthetic fibers tend to wear out over time if exposed to direct sunlight.

Heat is also a major threat to the brush; Therefore, you must make sure you put them in hot regions is free. This requires that you brush the fireplace or elsewhere, has to save heat.

Tips on how to save your makeup brushesYou should also avoid storing in moist areas such as bathrooms, showers and sinks. This is so that it does not get wet, so as to prevent the promotion of the growth of bacteria and fungi. Moisture weakens the hair.

Before saving the brush, make sure they are completely clean. You have dipped deep cleansing with a pen in water, and wipe with an antibacterial agent.

To facilitate your work, you must clean conscience immediately after use. The best way to clean it with alcohol or detergent and wipe immersion. Then you let it dry.

What Makes Beautiful Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is the key of beautiful look. Every woman understands it very well. They are willing to spend lots of time and money for skin care to keep it healthy smooth and silky to make them confident with their look. Unfortunately, many woman have lack of knowledge about skin care treatment and skin care product and they are wasting their money to buy expensive products with no real result. Don’t forget that choosing the wrong skin care products can bring severe side effects.

These days there’s a rising trend of natural products as it is considered much safer to our body. Choosing skin care products and cosmetics made only from natural ingredients is highly recommended. Natural products have minimum risks to our body and it can provides balanced nutrition to our skin. You must be wondering where you can find Natural and Organic Skin Care and Makeup with excellent result while at the same time reasonable enough for your budget. iQ Natural is the best answer. It is a brand of skin care products specializing in all natural products and organic ingredients. This brand is committed to bring the best of nature for its customers giving them the best way to get the best look.

This brand ensures that all ingredients used for its products are coming from certified organic products. High technology combined with cultural wisdom allows them to collect the purity of nature dedicated for your beautiful skin. This brand has complete lines of skin care products for daily used as well as for professional used. It is highly recommended to visit its website to learn more about this brand and its philosophy. You can also find complete profiles of its products helping you to easily find the right product for your actual needs and goals. Trust iQ Natural for your beautiful healthy skin.

The best Mall shopping in the world

An average shopping center can be easy to find a place where you can do some shopping and lunch cinema. But shopping centers that have been mentioned, and explained that this list is more than that, and they are not something that can only be described as average. Each of these centers provide a very spectacular for you to shop and also has many restaurants and nightlife. This includes parks, zoo, science center, wave pool and much more.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The West Edmonton Mall

It is a shopping center, which consists of about 800 shops, food stalls, restaurants, a haunted house and field. It also includes a large indoor water park, indoor nightclubs and water, sea lions live. In addition to the above shopping center equipment consists of a replica of the Santa Maria cinemas, hotels and even a radio station.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The Mall of America

Mall of America is the shopping destination of choice in Minnesota. It is about 4.2 million square meters and has more than 400 stores. It also includes a golf course and a flight simulator and a wedding chapel. Compared to all the malls in the world, attracts maximum number of visitors.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The Dubai Mall

This is a huge shopping center with about 1,200 stores and has a hundred restaurants. This is in addition to a variety of different entertainment venues. Some mobile attractions, including an entertainment center for children, indoor garden, a large cinema and a discovery center.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The SM Mall of Asia

This shopping center is in the Philippines and is about 4.2 square meters. It features a variety of restaurants and shops and various entertainment venues. Some popular attractions include the IMAX screen, terraced.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates has always described the purpose of shopping and entertainment centers. It consists of approximately 6.5 million square meters of total area and 2.4 million square meters of retail space. It also consists of about 450 shops, trips, movies, indoor ski park and a great community theater.

Shopping centers mentioned above is a great example of a good shopping guide. You must try at least once in your life to accumulate a great experience.

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