3 latest hairstyles

You are a woman of fashion and always looking for the latest hairstyles? Some of the best ways you can go:

  • 3 latest hairstylesPretty Wildly

It is ideal for you if you want to look bigger and fuller. For the perfect look you should ensure that your hair short to medium. It is also ideal if you show your long bangs, swoopy side wanted. Experts recommend doing that if you have a square face.

To make this kind, you need to decide your hair into sections and start with a loose ponytail holders provide each side. After two horses, use a small curling iron and part Horsetail curve. Then wound on, remove the ponytail holder. For the perfect look you need a finishing spray.

  • 3 latest hairstylesModern Mohawk

It is ideal for short and medium length hair. It is also ideal for you if your hair is a little frizzy or curly hair. Experts recommend, even if you have this type of hair has many layers.
You need the “coup” that begins to make the hairline and started to walk again. You have to do a breath backcombing your hair with a brush crimper. This is to give hair volume at the roots.

Then you need to pick three small ponytail. A ponytail behind must Puff. You should be on the back or in the middle of the head and the last under the tail of the horse in front of others.
So you need to take a hair brush and tease teasing in a ponytail. Once you connect a lot of texture and volume, you have the style, with some hairpin bends.

  • 3 latest hairstylesInterwoven Halo

Twisted Halo is a good option if you have short hair. It is also ideal if you have straight hair fine texture and a half. Cool thing about this style is that it is ideal for almost all face shapes.

You must create a French braid starts on one cheek and ends in rewind. You must continue to finally reach the braid to the temple area and secure back with a small hairpin.
You have the rest of hiding his back and the stylus is used. To add a small loop, use a curling iron medium.