3 Types Of Cool Jewelry Made with Wooden Beads

3 Types Of Cool Jewelry Made with Wooden BeadsWooden beads are one of the oldest types of accounts are available for men. You have a wide range of applications and they are easy to carry, all accounts or craft project. But the disadvantages of the use of logs in jewelry creations is that these accounts have a natural look, the land is not as attractive as artificial or man. These accounts are not the clarity and appeal of accounts artificial materials such as glass, acrylic, metal, etc. This is why most jewelry designers tend to stay away facts.

3 Types Of Cool Jewelry Made with Wooden BeadsWhen I with wooden beads in my creations, I use it in a way that speaks to my clients. I know not all together, so they look like a large number of unattractive wooden blocks to stick together. Artistic habit and I went out with this pearl design looks great and to make it interesting. Here are three types of ideas, where the cool jewelry wooden beads and used to attract more customers.

  • 3 Types Of Cool Jewelry Made with Wooden BeadsEmbellished wrap bracelets

These days, it is possible that the color and brightness for spraying and painting the wood you add elements. You can do the same, to create wooden beads and give them an attractive appearance. You can specify the desired color and use cable wrap bracelets with his light. The last time I used a purple cloak with gold beads and it was certainly a hit with my clients.

  • 3 Types Of Cool Jewelry Made with Wooden BeadsRibbon necklaces

This is an easy craft idea for kids too. It can be a great gift for your loved ones and family. To make a series of tape, the proper length of the tape are required for the neck. You can change the size, what you want to adjust the length. For this you can use the round ball in different colors. Check the hole is large enough to accommodate the tape. You can click the link at one end to fit the beads. Given that all the cords are inserted, it is possible to unambiguously the position of the strip.

  • 3 Types Of Cool Jewelry Made with Wooden BeadsCrocheted bead necklace

The final product was so fascinating that you still have for your customers. In addition to jewelry design skills, you will also need some knitting skills here. If you are good at sewing, crocheting wooden beads will not last long. You can use different colors of beads and son hook when finished, you can use a combination of simple wooden beads and a link to his collar. The use of materials such as metal wire or cable, followed by simple hooks granules screw beads and continued until the entire length of the wire with the granules. You can even pick flowers and add them to the middle of the chain as a focal point.