A Short History of Selfie Sticks

A Short History of Selfie SticksGeneration smartphones with selfie stick – a long stick, to go with their phones – to take self-portraits. Normally selfie, face and the background is hardly in the frame. A selfie stick allowing users to store more subjects in moving the lens. There are about two years seemed selfie sticks in China, and has since been preserved in the world. They obviously controversial and was inspired by a series of rice because of its versatility and maneuverability. For others, they are narcissistic and disturbing.

A Short History of Selfie SticksThe term “selfies” and “Sticks selfie” is usually associated with the millennium and today’s digital world. However, people are fascinated by / her own image that can be traced back a century. In fact, Greek literature former tells the story of Narcissus, who was so excited when he saw his reflection in the surface of the pool, which crashed and sank.

A Short History of Selfie SticksSelf-portrait photography developed with technology. It was in 1839, ten years after the first picture is taken when Robert Cornelius comes with the first selfie the world has ever seen, which comes in the form of a daguerreotype silvered copper.

With the introduction of the timer and the camera tripod, including household appliances, as well as the kindness of strangers, self-expression is more developed. In 2002, it seems that the term “selfie” originally made in an open forum of Australia said Hopey. With billions of people with smartphones and tablets, it is now easier to make a selfie. It just takes a little practice to include the entire world.

A Short History of Selfie SticksTo summarize, really selfie not as new as it has been for some time. In 1983, Hiroshi Ueda, family photo enthusiasts, worked as an engineer at Minolta developed a device similar to the modern selfie stick. However, the stolen camera Europe. He did not expect the back of the camera, a path through patented inventions to take a picture of his family as “Extender Stick” he thought. Unfortunately, these “3:00 invention” are devices, which means that has been developed from this point. It does not do well in the market, and ended in 2003, his patent. In 2005, Wayne Fromm found the “fast Pod”, a similar device, which is then converted by the staff from different manufacturers took off following the trend in a storm in China will be in 2010.

A Short History of Selfie SticksToday, you can often see this device for tourist attractions are well known worldwide, although some travelers complain of them as narcissistic, large and intrusive. What people say selfie Stick is undoubtedly useful and remains a popular trend.