Birthstone Jewelry Meaning and powers

Birthstone Jewelry Meaning and powersBirthstone jewelry is very private and a great way to express who you are. Jewelry stone comes in a wide variety of rings to pendants and earrings and bracelets. Jewelry is the perfect gift for any woman, especially mothers, grandmothers and children. Many companies offer family birthstone jewelry, you can customize represent more charming with the birth of their families.

For centuries, many cultures have celebrated several gems for its rare beauty. Many cultures believe that gemstones have mystical powers. Legend wear a birthstone for the month of their increased strength.

Birthstone Jewelry Meaning and powersSaid the first list of twelve birthstones mentioned in the Book of the Apocalypse in the Bible. Traditional birth list was founded in 1912 and has been updated several times since accommodate the growing trend in jewelry.

Unfortunately, only few have the chance to be born in April and diamonds as their birthstone. Regardless months are all the wonderful jewels of birth. They are truly a gift of mother nature and should be cherished and appreciated. Birthstone Jewelry useful gift decision that may be hereditary.

Birthstone Jewelry Meaning and powersBirth charts and symbolic meaning

January – Garnet believes that symbolize faith, loyalty and truth. This is traditionally the second anniversary gift.

February – Amethyst considered a symbol of royalty, sincerity and strength.

March – Aquamarine is a symbol of contentment and youth.

April - diamond is the best friend a girl and a symbol of fidelity. It is traditionally used as a tenth anniversary present.

Birthstone Jewelry Meaning and powersMay – Emerald is estimated that to promote intelligence and integrity. Note the fifth – the jewel given by the twenties and thirties.

June – Alexandrite was intended both decided to be strong and self-exaltation – even.

July – Ruby believes that the monitoring of mental health ardent desire, and maintain compatibility conflict. It is traditionally given for the fourteenth and fifteenth anniversaries.

August – Peridot is designed to protect, to ensure the health and love to win. It is traditionally given to the sixteenth birthday.

Birthstone Jewelry Meaning and powersSeptember – Sapphire aims to make the wearer with spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Jewel fate as the fifth anniversary gift.

October – pink tourmaline is considered protective.

November – Citrine is believed to symbolize happiness and joy.

December – blue topaz legend says that spread the magic and helps to improve the view. It is the anniversary gem for the fourth year of marriage.