Styling your Brazilian hair extensions

Styling your Brazilian hair extensionsVirgin brazilian hair is to be loved by many was because of how beautiful it was. Extends style is that natural hair which means you wash, blow dry or flat iron without risk of damage, as well as synthetic extensions make it easy. For an easier time styling your hair, starting with the basics like wet hair and apply a product shortage for your favorite style before blow drying or styling you.

However, if the style of extension, you must pay attention to the shape of your face. This is because different styles work for different face and want to see the best, if you chose a straight or curly Brazilian hair. Here are some tips to help you choose the best type with virgin brazilian hair.

Oval face – an oval face has a scale for a long time to stand like a perfect fit, because the jaw line, cheeks, forehead and chin. If you can make use of this style of Brazilian human hair extensions you want and you can choose the length and always good.

A round face – a round face that showed cheek fullness, and you must continue to remove hair completely. Instead of choosing the horse, or the final smooth layer as a simple way to get your slim face and get most of his face.

Styling your Brazilian hair extensionsPlace face – type of face has a wide forehead, chin and wide cheekbones. When his Brazilian style to avoid this man you choose a type add width around the jaw and instead a style that covers your face and create some wealth at the top.

Hearts face – man has a jaw, wide and narrow eyebrows, cheekbones and eye line. Pageboy types of low and low styles tend to meet again in this aspect. You can be a device, means for the best view is to choose.

Pear face – the face is not very common, but has a wide jaw and chin and narrow area of ​​the forehead and hair. Layer high in the face because of the scale and volume quite make the eyes to the crown of your face.

Diamond face – If this man and narrow chin and narrow front, but has a wide cheekbones. Styling extension hides a secret when wide cheeks and you can do with a bang or a boundary. You can also buy extensions that may influence the full chin.

Oblong face – face a long and narrow bone structure. The width of the front is almost the same as below the cheekbones. For this face, select a full-length, full height on the side and a thin soft fringe. Stay away from short layers and cut length, volume increases the crown.