The best Mall shopping in the world

An average shopping center can be easy to find a place where you can do some shopping and lunch cinema. But shopping centers that have been mentioned, and explained that this list is more than that, and they are not something that can only be described as average. Each of these centers provide a very spectacular for you to shop and also has many restaurants and nightlife. This includes parks, zoo, science center, wave pool and much more.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The West Edmonton Mall

It is a shopping center, which consists of about 800 shops, food stalls, restaurants, a haunted house and field. It also includes a large indoor water park, indoor nightclubs and water, sea lions live. In addition to the above shopping center equipment consists of a replica of the Santa Maria cinemas, hotels and even a radio station.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The Mall of America

Mall of America is the shopping destination of choice in Minnesota. It is about 4.2 million square meters and has more than 400 stores. It also includes a golf course and a flight simulator and a wedding chapel. Compared to all the malls in the world, attracts maximum number of visitors.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The Dubai Mall

This is a huge shopping center with about 1,200 stores and has a hundred restaurants. This is in addition to a variety of different entertainment venues. Some mobile attractions, including an entertainment center for children, indoor garden, a large cinema and a discovery center.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The SM Mall of Asia

This shopping center is in the Philippines and is about 4.2 square meters. It features a variety of restaurants and shops and various entertainment venues. Some popular attractions include the IMAX screen, terraced.

The best Mall shopping in the world• The Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates has always described the purpose of shopping and entertainment centers. It consists of approximately 6.5 million square meters of total area and 2.4 million square meters of retail space. It also consists of about 450 shops, trips, movies, indoor ski park and a great community theater.

Shopping centers mentioned above is a great example of a good shopping guide. You must try at least once in your life to accumulate a great experience.

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