The Perfect Birthday Gift for My Niece

I was trying to think of a really great gift to give to my niece for her 14th birthday. She is one of those kids who are very hard to buy for. If you ask her what she wants, she honestly does not know herself. I love her to pieces though, so I was bound and determined to get her a gift that I knew she would love. I browsed different retail sites online, and as soon as I saw the Nike light up shoes, I knew I had found what I was going to get for her.

She has such a quirky personality, and she is not shy at all. Even with those two traits, she is one of the most down to earth kids I know. When she gets older, I know that the two of us are going to be more friends than aunt and niece, but that is many years in the future! What I needed to concern myself with in the present was finding out which pair of the Nike shoes to get her. There were so many different colors, and the combinations were pretty cool to look at.

I knew that she would like any of them, mainly because of how cool they look. Nike shoes are already the best that a person can buy, as far as running shoes is concerned, but how cool is it to have a pair of running shoes that light up too. I finally settled on the black pair that have pink lights running around the base of the shoe. Because they are LED lights, they are so bright. I knew that they would be seen even a block or so away, and that is one of the reasons why she would love them so much. When she opened them on her birthday, her smile was all the proof that I needed to know that I gave her the right gift!