This is about parfum

This is about parfumChange the name of the fragrance is a process, such as the creation of the perfume itself. A particular market segment marketing company must write a short, indicating that the perfume would be felt. With this information in hand consists of a display team for a name for the perfume. Note that the recent years, all in the name of light perfume.

There are two elements of the name.

1. How consumers feel about the name of the perfume is? The goal here is to make the consumer feel good enough, so they want a perfume with a specific name. Plan view showing the consumer with a good idea of ​​the name, it is likely that the increase of the product they are buying.

2. The following item, including a link between their own perfume and the name was given. Take for example, Coty ‘La Rose Jacqueminot’, it actually feels like roses.

This is about parfumThe consumer must be able to relate to the removal of the perfume, the name of the perfume. It is good practice to feel after dialing. The use of names of people may tend to have a strong bond with women have the same name. There are a few names of people who are very successful, but generally from a larger design houses like Estee Lauder and Charles Revson (Revlon). A name that refers to a holiday or a given season can also be a negative result. Women can not think of wearing perfume that Christmas is in the spring and summer on their behalf and can prevent non-Christians to buy perfumes.

Public fashion name recognized on a specified event. Celebrity fragrances fall into this category as their star for today, but forgotten tomorrow. Marketing for the public who do not or indifferent to the type of event usually leads to experiencing poor sales.

Note that not only ensures the sale, the name of the perfume. It requires a great fragrance, marketing plan and financial support. The name of the fragrance is important and can be a positive factor for the preparation of the distribution of perfume. Designers go whistling succeed know the importance of development time. A good name for a perfume and from there connect consumers can associate with the smell. The strongest link is formed when the consumer can link the name of the fragrance. The names of the universal power supply for making the availability to that in the mode tends to be longer.