tips eliminate eye bags

tips eliminate eye bagsWith can make a big difference to the look of your eyes to make it easy, or even simple steps to your daily routine. I followed this advice and the results are amazing.

Tips to remove bags under the eyes:

• Before going to bed, make sure to wash your face with water and soap or cleanser remove special on your eye makeup. Exit eye shadow and mascara on the eyes at night can lead to water and may cause a case to tomorrow after swelling.

• If you sleep on your side or stomach, try again with your sleeping bag. Extra cushion under the head accompanied by gravity, in which the fluid is allowed to accumulate in the eye and creates pockets.

• Reduce the amount of salt in your diet. The area around the eyes is the leading candidate for water, the result of how other parts of the body with little sodium. With the high dine with a high salt content will show the next day under the eyes.

tips eliminate eye bags• Limit alcohol consumption. An occasional glass of wine is good, but if you focus on the connection of being in a place that is safe for drinking water and, before you plan to go to bed moisturizer. Alcohol can actually make the skin water and weakens the delicate skin around the eyes, leaving him with a hollow appearance.

• People who suffer from allergies, swollen, watery eyes are common. Most over-the-counter you for allergies you may run dry nose and itchy swollen eyes can dry too. This does not mean that you take this medicine if you have allergies to eliminate puffy eyes.

• Smoking can dehydrate and weaken the facial skin. He closes his eyes and capricious arrived wrinkles.

• If you protect yourself in the sun on the sun of the body, including the eye. UV rays can sagging skin around the eyes, causing wrinkles. Wearing sunglasses and a hat and sunscreen to protect your face against harmful rays.

• There are many eye creams on the market that reduces puffiness. Try a little to see what is best for you. However, do not believe the myth with hemorrhoids ointment to relieve eye bags, you can actually irritate the skin around the eyes.

• Use cold compresses can reduce swelling of the eyes. You can also use cucumber slices or cold tea bags. The idea here is to have a low temperature to help with swollen eyes.

• Finally, use a concealer if you have dark circles under the eyes. Choose one that suits your skin and apply not rub too busy.