Tips for buying makeup brushes

Tips for buying makeup brushesIt is the dream of every woman to look beautiful. Unfortunately, many women do not know how to buy the right makeup brushes. Here is a guide on how to buy the necessary makeup brushes:

Foundation Brush

You must use to apply on the basis of the entire face. You can also use it to products such as moisturizer and apply marker.


This small brush that comes with a flat head made of synthetic hair. It is generally under a foundation brush. You must use to have a small area, who face focused by applying creams. When you consider the one that slips easily into the grooves to purchase under the purchase eyes. This is so that you can easily hide dark circles under the eyes.

Tips for buying makeup brushesFluffy Brush

There are two types of soft brush, please contact: large and small. A large soft brush is ideal when creating your makeup with powder. Also ideal for brush products falls on his face. A small brush, however, is ideal for powder on the cheeks. You can also use it to set the brush on your eyes for makeup.

Eye brushes

There are many brushes for the eyes as you go. One of the most common is a small angled brush that comes with synthetic hair, you can use your eyes with a layer of powder or liquid formulations. You can also use to shape eyebrows.

There are also eye shadow brush, which has a natural hair flat head. It is ideal for decorating the cover color. You can also visit a soft brush eye shadow that comes with a round head. It is ideal for remote blend hard edges on the eye shadow, if you need to soften the color in the crease.

Tips for buying makeup brushesAs you can see, you have many options to go with it. All you have to do is what is good for you to choose.

Brush Lib

This will help you to apply lipstick. For color equalization you should buy a brush with a flat head lib instead of spikes. If you like it after the line of his lips, lipstick, use a lip brush cutting.


Here are some tips on buying the necessary makeup brushes. If you buy, always buy those who shed show signals. You should also make sure that you buy from a reputable store.