Tips on how to save your makeup brushes

Tips on how to save your makeup brushesCostly brushes; Therefore, you must take care of both. To help, here are some ways you need to save:

  • Roll-Up Storage Bag

Brush Buyer, you are likely to buy a bag roll-up. You must use this bag for storage. If you do not buy bags, you should consider purchasing a bag-supply stores, pharmacies and cosmetics stores. Stay organized, you should go for a wheeled bag with separate compartments.

  • Tips on how to save your makeup brushesPlastic bottle or glass

A drink in your home? You need to keep your glasses makeup brushes. In order to be able to easily solve the brush of the size and function of the need for support.

  • Plastic bags

If you want to buy cosmetics, you are probably high-quality plastic bags. You do not burn or this bag you should pack your brushes in your bag and keep removed in a good place. This bag is very important if you travel.

  • Tips on how to save your makeup brushesPurse

Do you have a bag that you do not use often? You need your makeup brushes to keep here. Before saving the brush, make sure that the own portfolio. You should also consider the brush not infected.

  • Tips To Consider

When the brush storage, make sure you keep away from direct sunlight. Always keep in mind that natural and synthetic fibers tend to wear out over time if exposed to direct sunlight.

Heat is also a major threat to the brush; Therefore, you must make sure you put them in hot regions is free. This requires that you brush the fireplace or elsewhere, has to save heat.

Tips on how to save your makeup brushesYou should also avoid storing in moist areas such as bathrooms, showers and sinks. This is so that it does not get wet, so as to prevent the promotion of the growth of bacteria and fungi. Moisture weakens the hair.

Before saving the brush, make sure they are completely clean. You have dipped deep cleansing with a pen in water, and wipe with an antibacterial agent.

To facilitate your work, you must clean conscience immediately after use. The best way to clean it with alcohol or detergent and wipe immersion. Then you let it dry.