Types of Women’s Tops

There are many different tops which suit different style choices women make on a day to day basis. Every kind of top we have listed in the article as a specific use. Some based on what you prefer can be worn at similar occasions as well. You often times find that a cocktail party dress can double up for nightclubs or that a sundress can be worn at home etc. Let’s delve into what kinds of tops are available that complement a feminine body. You get an amazing variety of girl’s tops to choose from these days with unique cuts and patterns. Some of the more common styles are:


We’ve mentioned the most versatile design at the very top as they can fit almost any body shape and type. This is basically a loose fitting top that is very similar to an Indian kurta of sorts. Can easily be worn with things like jeans or the occasional legging.

Wrap Blouses

Blouses are known to be very elegant and they wrap around your top gratefully. Chiffon blouses are become extremely popular off late too. They go extremely well with a set of jeans or skinny jeans. Chiffon blouses also tend to be on the colourful side and perfect for a fun day where your colourful personality is on display.

Tank Tops

These come with a strap or ribbons and are amazingly useful in a hot summer’s day and even in winter. In winter it can form a useful layer that is not too thick so that your body can heat up the layers and remain warm. Generally they are perfect for a summer’s day at the beach or for a board walk.


Very specific to girls with nice toned arms and slender shoulders. They can look a bit awkward on plus size women wears. These are a go to option nowadays for slender women looking for some evening wear.

Doll Tops

If you like to have the hour glass shape then this top is the one for you. The dress hugs the rib cage and successfully hides and wait bulges. This is a very comfortable option for most ladies young or old. Ideally goes with skinny jeans and heeled shoes.

Vintage Peasant

If you need a top with a vintage look that’s comfy and appears very casual then you must get yourself a peasant top. Often times these come with enchanting embroidery with a netted style. Soft colours go well on these tops as opposed to chiffon blouses for instance where darker colours tend to dominate. This dress can really ring out the chic in you.

Whatever top you do decide to wear make sure you keep the jewellery to a minimum as auxiliary wear sometimes just tends to take over and spoil the look. Soft colours are usually very good for summer with darker ones suiting spring and fall months. Whatever your choice make sure it suits your body style so you can rock a new top with confidence.