Unique Ways To Set Cabochons For Jewelry

Unique Ways To Set Cabochons For JewelryIn the world of precious stones, cabochon is a kind of stone, which has a polished convex top and flat bottom. There are many forms of beads can be cut, but the most popular is oval. The word comes from the French term cabochon “Noggin”, meaning that a small dome or the key. Stone onyx, turquoise, opal, precious stones and moonstones cabochon asteroid ever for two main reasons. These stones can not be cut because they are not as hard other precious stones. Second, some of these stones Augenstein other cat eyes in the middle of the stone and polishing, so it will not really make that stoning visible functionality.

Unique Ways To Set Cabochons For JewelryUsually cabochon settings required to set up a stone in place, which can then be incorporated into jewelery design. Since these stones have holes like beads, they can not be sewn with needle and thread. You must be stuck to your settings and then used in jewelry. But today there are many other interesting and unique features to allow cabochons for jewelry. Let’s look at both.

  • Seed beads

One of the few ways you can save up cabochon jewelry, using beads. It is in a retaining position by the beads embroidering or nearby studs grains in the desired shape.

  • Unique Ways To Set Cabochons For JewelrySoutache

You can also use the cable braid to give their pearls. This method is a combination of beads and sew really stands out. Soutache cord comes in different colors and sizes, making it easy for you to choose one that suits your pearls.

  • Unique Ways To Set Cabochons For JewelryCupchain

You can also consider arrangements for Cupchains sparkling rhinestones you are using. It is available in a variety of shades and metallic colors you choose to pay or contrast with the stone. It is possible to use a base metal or leather, together with a strong adhesive to allow the stone cupchain. You can also use this technique in combination with beads and braid.

  • Unique Ways To Set Cabochons For JewelryClay

It is very easy to use as a framework Polymer Clay Cabochon stone you. The concept is interesting and unique. For cutting stone, you need to establish and clay around the stone. However, you must ensure that you have selected the stone is strong enough to withstand the heat. Avoid plastic or acrylic cabochon, it will melt easily.